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Reflecting on 2023: Valcon SEE’s Remarkable Journey


A year full of challenges, innovations, and achievements has come to an end. As we stand at the corner of a new chapter, it's time to take a retrospective glance at the events that have shaped our journey through 2023. We’ll be honest with you - it wasn't an easy year. We faced challenges and navigated through complexities but emerged stronger. With projects in various industries, we have proven our versatility and ability to deliver world-class IT solutions, leaving an enduring mark on the global tech landscape. Take a look at the key moments that shaped our year.

Golden Grower Award Top 250 Growth Companies

One of our most significant achievements this year is being recognised as the fastest-growing company in the Netherlands. Collaborating with nlgroeit, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship presented us with the Golden Grower Award. This selection was based on absolute (in numbers) and relative growth (in percentages) in FTEs between 2019 and 2022. 

This recognition was especially significant to us, considering the challenges scaleups face nowadays. We are particularly proud because we've expanded our team from 60 to nearly 500 employees in the last three years. Receiving this award was an incredible honour and a testament to our entire team's hard work and dedication.



Our CEO was Honoured with the Female Grower Award

In addition to the Golden Grower Award, our Managing Director Sonja Meijerink was honoured with the Female Grower Award this year. This recognition is a testament to Sonja’s remarkable expertise and her central role in driving the growth of the company. We are happy and grateful because Sonja is our leader. 

Sponsors of the Year's DUMP Association of Young Programmers

We're pleased our company supported and engaged with the IT community this year. Among the numerous events we proudly sponsored in 2023 was the DUMP (Association of Young Programmers) conference. This event provided us with the opportunity not only to foster talent but also to connect with the industry's brightest minds and tap into the young talent within the student community. 

Young Project Manager of the Year Award

One more thing we are proud of is that one of our Project Managers, Ivana Ivancic, won the Young Project Manager of the Year award. The award was presented in Zagreb by the Project Management Institute. This is a global association of project managers with the goal of educating about the role and contributing to its recognition and applications in the business world. We’re all thrilled and proud to have Ivana on our team.

Empowering Personal Growth within Our Team

"Never stop learning" was our company's motto this year! Throughout the year, our employees actively engaged in multiple conferences, training modules, interactive workshops, and dedicated mentorship programs.  At Valcon SEE, we truly believe that investing in the development of our employees is essential for the company's success and employee satisfaction. That's why fostering a culture of continuous improvement and personal development was a top priority for us in 2023.



Internship Programs

Engaging with the IT community was another one of our top priorities this year. We actively participated in several student conferences, showcasing our company and presenting our work to students. As part of these initiatives, students had the opportunity to apply for roles in three specialised areas: .NET, Project Management, and Data. These internships offered hands-on experience, theoretical learning, and personalised mentorship for each participant. We're happy that our interns had the opportunity to learn from true experts in a supportive environment.



Supporting Causes That Matter

Beyond just doing business this year, we jumped into community initiatives, backing causes that truly count.

For instance, we recently welcomed pupils from EDIT CodeSchool — a fantastic project by Digital Dalmatia — and students from the Technical and Industrial School Ruđer Bošković Sinj and the Elementary School "Meje" Split to our Valcon offices. Our goal was to give these young individuals a glimpse into the world of programming through our own experiences.

What did we gain from this? Nothing but motivation to keep doing what we do!

Expanding Client and Partner Relations

Throughout 2023, we've diligently worked to meet our client's expectations, nurturing our existing partnerships while forging new ones. We're honoured by the trust our clients place in us, considering it our most valuable asset. This year, we deepened existing partnerships and formed new alliances. 

As the go-to IT outsourcing partner for businesses seeking quality, reliability, and innovation, we expanded our projects in FinTech, PropTech, EdTech, and SaaS. These efforts haven't just bolstered our expertise but have also broadened our influence across various sectors, making 2023 a year of significant growth and accomplishment.


As we wrap up this fantastic year, we want to express our deepest thanks to our incredible team, wonderful clients, and trusted partners. Your support has been invaluable in making this year truly amazing.

Looking ahead to the new year, we're excited about tackling fresh challenges and turning them into great opportunities in 2024. Cheers to what lies ahead!



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