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What You Can Achieve by Partnering With Valcon


Software development companies in the Netherlands are currently facing a very highly competitive market. It’s difficult to find reliable development teams that are not only experienced but able to think outside the box as well. So, what makes Valcon stand out? With experience in various verticals such as eHealth, Saas, eCommerce, FinTech, and more, Valcon delivers tailor-made solutions to companies all across Europe. If you’re looking to outsource IT teams, we’ve got you covered.  In this article, we illustrate what we can do for a few of the verticals we work with.


SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is the largest vertical for Valcon, with many satisfied clients such as Agrirootz. Since SaaS is usually defined as a licensing model in which the provider hosts the application and makes it available to customers online, it works on the basis of subscriptions. The hosting provider allows the SaaS company to manage, maintain and keep the digital tool secure. Development and maintenance of SaaS solutions include server maintenance, OS upgrades, recovery, security services, log access, billing, monitoring, and more. All these aspects can make it a challenge to find the right IT outsourcing partner. 

By providing a balanced team of specialists, Valcon can build and run your SaaS solution together with you.
The benefits of SaaS are very clear: it’s scalable, cost-efficient, and easy to use. The path to building great software typically starts with a good idea. The road from the first idea to a working solution is where it gets tricky! That’s why SaaS companies need an experienced partner to develop high-quality and secure software in modern technology.
As business needs differ from company to company and from startup to startup, Valcon understands that tailoring the SaaS solution specifically for your business needs is imperative. Teams are composed depending on parameters like budget, time-to-market, and technology requirements. The team can then grow along with the success of the solution without limitations to your growth. With our wide array of specialists, all steps along the way are in the good hands of our developers, engineers, and designers.


As of 2022, the fintech space is worth $179 billion, and digital payments are projected to grow even more in the coming years. The reason why FinTech is so popular is undoubtedly its convenience. It’s much easier to handle payments from a smartphone you carry around all the time than through any other method that came before it.

In the years of working with FinTech industry leaders, Valcon has so far created and implemented the most effective solutions for: 

  • transferring money,
  • depositing a check,
  • bypassing a bank branch to apply for a loan,
  • raising money to start a business,
  • managing investments

Fintech solutions aim to make the finance life of end-users easier to manage by innovating and digitizing financial processes. Valcon delivered successful fintech products to Service House, Link Asset, Franx, and many others.


The global eHealth market size is expected to hit nearly $455 billion by 2030. Therefore it’s no surprise that many medical institutions are partnering up with software development companies to integrate new technologies into their current practices. One of the digital trends we are seeing today is patient portals which have become more and more popular and will only continue to grow in the future. Through these portals, patients can view their medical history, make appointments and even pay their bills online. 

Valcon can help you create your patient portal in the cloud. The right cloud architecture makes the sensitive data safer and easier to find – and not to mention neater – especially compared to the physical paperwork.

Next to that, Valcon has built practice management solutions that automate appointments, billing, and tasks like charting and scheduling. On top of building high-end platforms, we pay special attention to user interface and user-experience design. A good UI/UX makes the systems optimally accessible for various audiences, such as people with visual or other impairments or older generations.

One of the biggest challenges in health is creating a major full-stack project with multiple roles, which is something that Valcon has provided for several companies, such as Doct. However, it is not only patients but doctors as well whose lives were made easier. For example, for Blyott we’ve built the Smart Healthcare Platform, which helped hospitals track the location of units such as beds, mattresses, pumps, and monitors at a given moment.


To start an online retail business, you need a sales-boosting platform. The ultimate goal is to generate and increase revenue – which is more likely to be achieved when customers enjoy using your portal or app Valcon can build your solutions for instance, to simplify marketing, manage inventory and automate various processes. Examples of functionalities in good eCommerce solutions are:

  • Automatically filling customers’ addresses to shorten order placement
  • Calculating monetary data such as taxes, shipping rates, and pricing
  • Auto-generating usernames based on email addresses
  • Sending emails and notifications for new product lines and upcoming sales
  • ‘Abandoned cart’ reminders
  • Inventory management systems that let them know if an item is available

A considerable benefit of partnering up with Valcon is that you always leave room for progress and change. When your customer base and revenue grow, Valcon can keep improving and expanding your solution by adding new functionalities, for instance upselling and cross-selling features providing better-value products and items frequently bought together.


Valcon is an international IT company that understands the differences in various industries and is ready to help you create your product specifically tailored to your business. Expanding toward the digital world is stressful, but not if you have the right IT team backing you up. That’s why all collaborations start with a meeting – a conversation regarding your company, expectations, and exact needs. Then, a team is structured around the project’s goal. Via periodic sprint sessions and continuous testing and optimization, we ensure to deliver value every week.
Sounds like something that would help you grow your business too? 



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