Why Valcon is the perfect solution for the labor shortage in the Dutch IT sector

labor shortage

According to a recent study, the labor shortage in the Dutch IT sector will continue to get worse in the next few years. The data paints a troubling picture, where there are currently already 26 job vacancies per IT engineer in the industry. Although this is excellent news for the Dutch status as one of the tech expert giants of the world, this fact poses a serious threat both to the economy and the employers whose businesses are struggling to attract talent. Furthermore, this number of experts in comparison to the available positions leads to higher and higher salaries for IT engineers. This, too, can lead to stagnation and loss of profit for numerous IT businesses and departments that are no longer able to afford the few IT staff they can get on board. But of course, this problem is no reason to lose all hope: there are other options, and as a tech leader in your company, you need to think ahead and have an alternative solution for your IT challenges.

There is a solution

Partnering up with foreign companies is a perfect solution to the labor shortage in the Dutch IT sector. Valcon is a software development and cloud engineering company with offices in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Cluj, Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Banja Luka. Our developers, engineers, and project managers are among the best in the industry and have expertise in UI /UX design, software development, DevOps, Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), and mobile (native) development.

Thanks to our highly skilled team in-house, we are able to help Dutch scale-ups and corporates reach their goals in either one of these ways:

  • Extending existing client teams with our staff;
  • Designing, managing, building, and maintaining complete client platforms.

Our IT experts have already undergone various levels of education, and in addition, Valcon provides them with any further relevant training they may need in order to meet all clients' needs. Along with excellent technical testing results, they also have English proficiency and cultural fit. All our experts have already been provided with office space and all the necessary equipment. By motivating our IT specialists and keeping them up to date with the latest trends and technologies, we ensure client satisfaction.

Thanks to this way of working, where our 300+ IT experts comprise teams for each specific task, Valcon has plenty of experience to stand on. This includes high-code (Java, Angular, React, Vue.js, .NET, PHP) and low-code experts (Mendix, Appian, Pega), divided into customizable, efficient, and high-performing teams. Although we work remotely with client toolings, we stay connected with the team in the Netherlands every day.

Companies TQ has already helped


Mediaan’s scalability challenges

Mediaan, a digital agency based in The Netherlands and Germany, had a challenge regarding the rotation of IT staff. This was due to the fact that their various projects were often scaled up or down and required great flexibility on their developers' part. Digital agencies often require teams of different calibers and specialisations to work on different projects. As it is unrealistic to expect to form an individual team for each project, partnering with Valcon is the perfect solution. Valcon added senior Java and .Net developers, UX designers, project managers, front end and testing engineers to their various projects. So, thanks to a partnership that began in 2020, Mediaan has a fully customisable and scalable team of more than 20 Valcon IT professionals ready to take on any challenge that is presented to them.

Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis is an IT company focusing on developing mission-critical applications in environments essential to their client’s businesses. They are considered a leader in their industry and have thus earned the trust and respect of both clients and competitors alike. Their solid status in the industry has brought them to a point where expansion was necessary. However, as already mentioned, the Dutch IT market is facing a severe shortage of skilled IT people such as DevOps and cloud engineers. It seemed that the vacancies in the various client teams of Schuberg Philis would be left empty until the beginning of the Schuberg Philis – Valcon collaboration. Since then, their Dutch teams have been enriched with highly experienced cloud and DevOps engineers from the Serbian and Croatian development centers of Valcon. 


Through hard work and dedication, and by employing only the best and brightest in the IT industry, Valcon boasts many successful partnerships across Europe. As exemplified through the stories of Mediaan and Schuberg Philis, there are ways around the Dutch labor shortage. Many business owners are ready to execute their alternative solutions with their IT positions instead of waiting for the storm to blow over. In addition, the crisis has led to a severe increase in expenses necessary to employ a high-quality IT team in The Netherlands and Central Europe.

Are you looking to scale up your IT? Do you want to work with the best IT specialists on your team? Call us. We currently work on 50+ IT projects. Fast, high quality, latest technology. Best engineers we can find.




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