How Valcon Helped ETPA Expand Their Team



ETPA, which is an acronym for Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam, is an industry leader in developing new products for the Dutch energy market. They, amongst others, introduce solutions seen in the financial industry in order to make their platform all-encompassing and available to Large and small enterprises. Their main focus is short-term electricity trading, whose participants can use to optimize their energy portfolio and exploit the flexibility of their production process.

So far, the participants were from various industries, including horticulture, waste disposal, big utilities, and aluminum smelters.

Partnership with Valcon

Seeing the success they’ve achieved so far, ETPA knew it was time to take the next step. ETPA is known for its constant upgrades and the habit of keeping up with the most cutting-edge trends and solutions, so to ensure they can continue providing that to their client base, they needed more staffing. That’s why they reached out to Valcon, who they recognized as someone who can match their pace in terms of IT challenges and rapid growth.

At first, they hired two developers from Valcon – one specializing in front-end and one in back-end. Over the last four years, that team grew to seven members, with a few developers added each interval. This included both seniors and juniors and different parts of development, such as infrastructure. At times, the team was even larger, with some developers coming in only for a certain period of time when their expertise was necessary. This included, for example, security specialists.

Technologies used:

  • JAVA
  • Spring
  • React
  • Axon

On top of upgrading the platform and adding new functionalities, the ETPA and Valcon teams collaborated on the research side of the project as well, constantly finding new ways to improve and exceed users’ expectations.


The quality of cooperation and teamwork we achieved with our partners at ETPA is evident by the successful handling of all the tight deadlines we had to work through. Over the years, Valcon developers fully integrated themselves and truly became a part of the team. We’re looking forward to all the new challenges that are waiting for us in the future!


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