We are ending 2022 in style!

Typeqast organised not one, but two “Let’s Talk Project Management” events in November. The first one, held in Zagreb, was held on the 28th of November in cooperation with the agency Cinnamon. Listening to Anamarija from Cinnamon, all guests were able to learn more about the organisation and all project phases - from the creative to the production phase. She also spoke about the organisation of dislocated teams and the cooperation of 2 agencies on 1 project. This included the history of the cooperation, how they came to work together, what the benefits of such a cooperation are, and why IT companies should work together rather than perceiving each other as competition.

The second event was held in the beautiful Split on the 29th of November, during which Ivica Mihaljevic from Infobip gave a speech on the topic “Discovery and definition phase in Project Management”.

Take a look at how everything looked like:

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